Here’s a clip from Eric Paperth’s hilarious “The Little Kung Fu Dude” (World Premiere May 2012). I’m playing the heroic bike cop who rushes in to save the day… you’ll see!

Puck monologue “My mistress with a monster…” from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I’d love to play this role!

Various characters from one of my favorite plays, The 39 Steps. I got to be in an amazing production of this in 2010 that I helped produce! The amazing Louis Butelli was kind enough to read with me.

A monologue from Zhao Binghao’s Hopscotch, which had its world premiere at Columbia University in March 2012. In the play, the monologue takes place under different circumstances, but I’ve adapted it for this little car scene I created.


I pieced together Chris’s dialogue in the final scene of Arthur Miller’s All My Sons to create this monologue. It’s such a powerful and shocking play.

Marc Antony in Julius Caesar III.i I’d love to play THIS role!

This video clip was used at Hofstra University for a Clinical Psychology PhD investigation. Filmed, directed, and co-written by Mike Toohey, PhD

This is the final monologue in Warren Leight’s Sideman (Tony, Best Drama 1997), spoken by Clifford, the play’s narrator. I played this role in 2006 at Boston University.

Film work done for an NYC devised multimedia theatre project, Acedia, which had a week run at TheaterLab NYC November 2011.  I’m playing the victim of an extreme crime of indecent public humiliation. Shortly after the victim’s testimony is recorded, he takes his own life out of shame and embarrassment.


It Depends on What You Pay, The Fantasticks at The Winnipesaukee Playhouse directed by Bryan Halperin featuring Adam Kee, Kevin Killavey, and Katherine Proulx.

Round and Round, The Fantasticks at The Winnipesaukee Playhouse directed by Bryan Halperin featuring Richard Brundage, Ben Estus, Alex Jacobs, Adam Kee, Kevin Killavey, Brady Lynch, and Katherine Proulx.


Fight Call at The Lost Colony 2012 Big Battle

A brief movement piece I created as part of an audition package to The Shakespeare Theatre’s (DC) Acting Fellowship. I had no guidelines to follow, so I decided to move freely to the gusting winds backstage at the theatre I worked at in Manteo, North Carolina. Tons of fun!

HANG GLIDING CRASH LANDING! I went hang gliding while working at The Lost Colony and it was an incredible experience. I definitely hope to take this up more seriously some time soon! Commentary and taping by my awesome triathlete twin brother, Daniel 🙂 (who treated me to this wonderful experience). No, he’s not Scottish.

Here’s the episode of MTV’s Silent Library I was on- ENJOY!


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